Mary Kay Sawyers
January 15, 1932 - April 14, 2011


I Won't Leave Without Saying Good Bye

By Mary Kay Sawyers

The days are growing much shorter
I've reached the twilight years
So I hurry to do everything I can
Before my final curtain nears.

I've had a very blessed life
With much love and laughter
With many tears thrown in
Even an occasional disaster.

But I want it all to continue
I want to do so much more
I want to create and enjoy
letting my spirit forever soar.

My eyesight is growing dimmer
But I see things so much clearer.
As visions pass through my mind
Family and friends become dearer.

I pass nothing monetary on to you
But I hope I will leave you a smile
And maybe a memory or two
When after I've been gone awhile.

So I won't leave you here alone
Without at least saying good bye
I wish we had more time together
But my time is now drawing nigh.


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