Remembering My Mother Mary Kay


By Gina Pagley

I remember waking up in the morning to the awesome smell of Roast Turkey on Thanksgiving Day boy do i miss being young again. All the homemade items we would have you never really appreciated til you were older and would kill to relive that again - listening to my mom tell the story of how when we were little she had pulled the turkey out of the oven turned around to get the baster and turned back around to find our cat on top of the turkey - boy was she mad.

She loved baking always always always had us picking berries - apples - grapes boy we loved picking that stuff and didn't even realize it was a chore and the homemade jam was the best every - smucker had nothing on her - on top of the homemade bread - boy the bread and jam we went thru - it was so nice when she would toast us some and put the warm jelly on it you couldn't get it any better. When you are try to make ends meet you would have never had known the way we ate when you were lttle.

She was also famous for her cinnamon roles of course toasty hot out of the oven but this one particular time she gave us one and we all spit it out - she thought we were all crazy til she tasted one and figured out she used salt instead of sugar - boy we laughed. She would make this cake with a rim around it so you could fill it with fruit and whip cream this one particular sunday she was entertaining and told me to get the cake out of the frige and i almost dropped it but the cherries all slid off the cake to the floor so scared i called my brothe chuck in to help me asked him what to do should i pick the cherries up and put them back on the cake he told me no - and being the caring brother he was went directly in to tell on me - luckily she wasn't that mad me and was very happy i did not put the cherries back on the cake.

When we were living on the farm we would always play outside probably her ONLY solitude luckily we didn't realize it (haha) if she knew the dare devil stuff we would do she would have probably killed us but this one particular time we had the bright idea of making wine (where we got that idea no clue - our mom never drank - probably lucille ball) but we picked a bunch of grapes and put them in a big tub and squish squish squish with our bare feet - when we walked in the house with purple feet to tell her about the wine all she could do was look at us in astonishment - and scrubbed our feet with tide.

And the Christmasses we would have now thats a whole new story - to be honest we never knew we weren't well off - we loved every little thing we got including the spectacular prized in McDonalds Happy Meals or just the cracker jacks she would bring us after the grocery shopping trip. OK so back to Christmas - it started every year ∓ I mean every year it was a chore for her to get us into bed and stay there - we would always find a reason to get downstairs - drink of water - use the bathroom - even when ther was a bathroom upstairs - the one year she had told me that i threw my doll down the stairs and screamed and she came running but i still couldn't get a peek, thats when she started putting the couch in front of the door so we couldn't open it. Loved how she would put snow footprints coming into the house from the front door - cuz we didn't have a fireplace - never occured to us that the snow would melt boy were we suckers. One year we had found the christmas gifts and she had told us they were for orphans and how nieve we were - we believed her. The one year she had bought all of us sleeping bags and we ended up with the flu and sleeping in them all day - we loved those sleeping bags and camping. No frills just TONS of toys never realize we were getting things we needed SHE ALWAYS MADE IT VERY SPECIAL.

Again need i say - THE BEST TURKEY ON EARTH. Thanks mom for teaching me how to make the turkey and stuffing - not as good as hers but comparible. And i definetely dont have her baking knack but im practicing.

The clothes that she would sew for us every school year - boy when i was in 4-5-6th grades - I was the coolest kid in my class. We had red, white, and blue jumpsuits, jeans, and vests - she had spent a lot of her time off work doing a lot for us we never realized and the homemade dolls i had thought were the best - the baby doll clothes - and barbie clothes and the other baby doll items we were the only ones with such things, and our friends envied us. She worked hard her entire life and deserves this rest - we will miss her very deeply and will be sorry that we don't have her here to answer the questions we will always have. I always want to pick up the phone and just talk - i love her much.