Thank you for your support!!!
I enjoy helping people find solutions to their phpBB and Easymod problems and get great satisfaction when I see them learn from their experience and grow in their knowledge...

I never ask anyone for any payment in exchange for my help regardless of how many hours I may spend helping them. However, since my income is limited because of my health, it is nice and much appreciated when someone sends a few bucks as a way of a Thank You!!!

I have been urged and encourgaged by others to provide this page for those that would like to make use of it. While cash is nice if you can't afford to send money, maybe just a card would be nice too. Or perhaps a biscuit for my dog LaiLai would be nice as well...
Nightrider Nightrider
Your kindness and generosity are greatly appreciated!!!
LaiLai LaiLai
Thank you for your support!!!